New Hyundai "Veracruz"

Discussion in 'Hyundai Veracruz' started by edb, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. edb

    edb Guest

    Hyundai's newest vehicle: Veracruz
    The newest vehicle to join Hyundai Motor America's 2007 model lineup
    will be named Veracruz, after the Mexican state. The mid-sized SUV is the
    ninth vehicle in Hyundai's 2007 lineup and will go on sale in the first
    quarter of 2007
    edb, Aug 11, 2006
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  2. Hyundai Tech or whomever: CUV for 2007, when due out? What
    specialties will it have? Mileage? etc.
    The Awesome 1, Aug 12, 2006
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  3. Hyundai Tech or whomever: CUV for 2007, when due out? What
    specialties will it have? Mileage? etc.
    The Awesome 1, Aug 12, 2006
  4. Hyundai Tech or whomever: CUV for 2007, when due out? What
    specialties will it have? Mileage? etc.
    The Awesome 1, Aug 12, 2006
  5. WOW -double post on one sending???? Guess my words were important ;-)

    Curious with the term mid size. I just drove home a 2007 Sante Fe and
    it will NOT fit in my one car garage from 1940. It is 7" longer & 6"
    wider. So we would have to move the shelving off the front wall to
    drive it all in & take ladders to put on top of the garage to fit it

    2007 Tucson was quite nice. It is 4" smaller than Sante Fe but more
    leg room for my husband in the front passenger seat. Sunroof that
    opens front folded back or back going up. Nice interior, nothing like
    the plastic Kia. Airbags that come out of the front seats to shield
    you sideways, then air curtains all around the vehicle as well as front
    seat passengers. Radio has very LARGE PRINT to see channels, time
    ,etc. Heated mirror so it is clear 24/7.

    Problem is that neither had better gas mileage than my 4 cyl 2002 Sante
    Fe. SO NO SALE. Also $400 off 2007 Sante Fe which they were sold out.
    $1500 for 2007 Tucson since it is my 3rd Hyundai & 2nd with this
    dealership. But $23500 less $1500 is $22000 and I'd get $10K for my
    Sante Fe which was termed MINT. We were going for no more than $8K and
    no deal. I will wait for Crossover vehicle which should have loads
    better gal mileage.
    The Awesome 1, Aug 12, 2006
  6. After getting the Sunday newspaper & reading the auto area on Hyundais,
    we see an ad for $14,600 for 2006 Sante Fe's - plenty in stock it
    reads. So we go to that dealership. The lot has 6 2005 Sante Fe LX's
    going for $26K. We see 3 2007 Sante Fe's but not one 2006. So I walk
    into the dealership & get the big smile, pull up his belt on his pants
    guy who asks what I am looking for. I tell him what is advertised on
    today's paper. He wants the ad, What BS! I yell very loud 2006 SANTE
    FE FOR 14,600. SO WHERE IS IT? He tells me & my DH to sit as he walks
    into an office. He returns with another jerk who tells us he thinks
    those are the cars that golfers got to use for a week during the Akron
    tournment. They have 4-6,000 miles on them & they are NEW.

    We walked! I also scanned the ad & told Hyundai about this sceme & all
    the 2005 they were selling for more than 2007. We also went to our
    dealership who's owner is still driving his 2002 twin to mine Sante Fe
    & doesn't want to lose it. I told him 5 year warranty will be up June
    2007, my insurance is $330 every 6 months for total coverage, and for
    $2 every 6 months they cover roadside assistance. So he is calling my
    agent to get the same deal from AMEX. He knows I have taken great care
    of my baby, and Hyundai doesn't sell up to 10 years of coverage. He
    doesn't either since these cars do not just break down.

    So we are keeping her, I gave her another coat of wax today, she got
    new tires all around last winter which he noticed. So 60,000 for $267
    they will see me to do everything from coolent to plugs. I asked about
    this new 2007 CUV & he knew nothing.
    2007 Tucson won't be any different than the 2006. Got a lesson in
    reading the VIN. K means Korean built. 5 means Alabama built.
    The Awesome 1, Aug 21, 2006
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