Power locks not working on Accent 2001

Discussion in 'Hyundai Accent' started by accent, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. accent

    accent Guest

    My 2001 Accent has a dealer installed AutoMate Security System. For
    some unknown reason, the power locks only work for the driver's door.
    The passenger door and hatch locks only work manually. Also when
    disarming the system, I hear five chirps instead of the usual two.

    What's going on?
    accent, Oct 21, 2004
  2. accent

    I'm Right Guest

    the accent from the factory does not have a poer door lock motor in the
    drivers door.
    It does have a switch built into the lock switch. so when you lock/unlock
    the drivers door the others follow.

    The alarm is activating a motor for the lock in the drivers door they
    It appears the HYN remaining power lock system is not working.

    the 5 chirps could be the alarm was set off, or has a bad sensor.

    2 unrelated items
    I'm Right, Oct 21, 2004
  3. accent

    hyundaitech Guest

    Check the users manual for your alarm first. It should explain what the
    five chirps mean.
    hyundaitech, Oct 21, 2004
  4. accent

    accent Guest

    I did look at the users manual and it still does not make any sense.
    Five chirps when disarming means a breach of a zone occured. A
    flashing led indicates which zone. Putting the key in the ignition is
    supposed to reset the memory but I always get 5 chirps whenever I
    press disarm on the remote.
    accent, Oct 22, 2004
  5. accent

    hyundaitech Guest

    It sounds to me like your alarm system, for whatever reason, thinks a
    door/hatch/hood/trunk lid is not closed. You should probably start by
    checking these switches.
    hyundaitech, Oct 22, 2004
  6. accent

    accent Guest

    Forget about the chirping alarm. It is a bit of a red herring. I need
    to fix the passenger door lock and hatch lock. These do nothing when I
    use the remote. I am told that the aftermarket part is only installed
    on the driver side door and then the system ties into the factory
    components in the passenger door lock and hatch lock.

    How do I troubleshoot the factory components?
    accent, Oct 23, 2004
  7. accent

    hyundaitech Guest

    There's apparently two different systems depending on whether your car has
    the electronic time and alarm control system. Check out the schematics at
    www.hmaservice.com. Select your vehicle and then click the "ETM" tab and
    look at the power locks schematic.

    Don't dismiss the alarm so easily. If the alarm is getting info from the
    door/hatch switches already factory in the vehicle, the same thing could
    be preventing the door locks from properly operating. For example, I
    believe your vehicle is equipped with a feature that will not allow the
    doors to be locked if a door is open and the key is in the ignition. Not
    knowing what your remote entry is hooked to, it is difficult to know
    whether the two items are related or not.
    hyundaitech, Oct 23, 2004
  8. accent

    accent Guest

    The chirping can be explained. It happens when the alarm is triggered
    by opening the passenger door or hatch. This is normal.

    I have the schematics and the location of the ETACM but I was hoping
    for some layman type of troubleshooting guide.

    It looks like my car will have to go back to the dealer for service.
    Two aftermarket installers (including the one that did the original
    job) had a look at my car. They were of the opinion that my problem
    has more to do with Hyundai than the aftermarket unit. Both
    technicians suggested that it is likely to be a corroded wire in the
    door hinge area because it is a common occurrence.
    accent, Oct 25, 2004
  9. accent

    hyundaitech Guest

    The wiring corrosion is not a frequent issue on Accents. To my knowledge
    it occurs on 01-03 Elantras only (with reasonable frequency).
    hyundaitech, Oct 27, 2004
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