'Realistically' , when should one change spark plugs on a Santa Fe??

Discussion in 'Hyundai Santa Fe' started by Dave in Lake Villa, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. I know it says 100,000 miles in the owners manual, but, id like to hear
    what HyundaiTech in this NewsGroup says about this ; would 50,000 miles
    make more sense if money were no issue ??

    Dave in Lake Villa, Jul 5, 2005
  2. Dave in Lake Villa

    hyundaitech Guest

    I was under the impression it said 60k in the owner's manual. I'd
    recommend whatever the manual says. I have not experience to suggest
    hyundaitech, Jul 5, 2005
  3. Dave in Lake Villa

    Rick Lavigne Guest

    HI there....
    Want a really good story? We didn't have to change plugs on our '01 SF
    until 225,000 km. It was only then that we noticed any degradation in
    performance that required it to be done.
    Rick Lavigne, Jul 6, 2005
  4. Dave in Lake Villa

    Old_Timer Guest

    Did you experience any difficulty in getting them out after that many

    Old_Timer, Jul 6, 2005
  5. Dave in Lake Villa

    Rick Lavigne Guest

    Aside from acrobatics and getting the top manifold off to get at the rear
    ones, not really...LOL.

    Was amazed at the wear though. Got to hand it to 'em, the engine
    designers did a pretty good job in my opinion as far as reliability.
    Rick Lavigne, Jul 6, 2005
  6. 'HI there....
            Want a really good story? We didn't have to
    change plugs on our '01 SF until 225,000 km. It was only then that we
    noticed any degradation in performance that required it to be done.'

    REPLY: I cant relate to km...but it sounds like alot more than 100,000
    miles. How come you didnt change plugs at the recommended interval ?
    If you wait until youre having bad performance, just think of the
    possible engine damage you could be causing from not spending a measily
    amount on spark plugs . What is your rationale behind running your
    engine into the ground ..just curious. Thanks.
    Dave in Lake Villa, Jul 7, 2005
  7. Dave in Lake Villa

    Rick Lavigne Guest

    It wasn't a case of running it into the ground. There was no degradation of
    performance up to that point. One of the reasons I didn't change them at the
    recommended interval was just that.

    I had my regular mechanic do the work by the way, since I can't trust the
    dealership's service department since they ripped me off to the tune of
    2600.00 2 years ago for their own mistake.
    Rick Lavigne, Jul 7, 2005
  8. Dave in Lake Villa

    Jody Guest

    my god what mistake was worth 2600.00??
    Jody, Jul 7, 2005
  9. Dave in Lake Villa

    Dan K Guest

    I just did my 2002 XG-350's at 60,000 miles (96,000 km) and they looked
    almost new. Gap still in spec, only slight discoloration. At $13.75 each
    from a Hyundai parts dealer, I might try and go longer for the next
    interval. One of the big problems I fear is not being able to get them out
    if you leave them in too long. Remember the above 225,000 km (140,000
    miles) was on an '01 SF so they couldn't of been in there more that 4-5
    years. Now that I have anti-seeze compound on the new set, I'll probably
    try and get 100,000 miles / 5 years out of these. Same with the timing belt
    I would guess...you have to consider not only the miles, but also the years.

    Dan K, Jul 7, 2005
  10. Dave in Lake Villa

    Rick Lavigne Guest

    OK....the 2600.00 story.

    Went out to my Big Brown truck one summer day. Noticed a puddle under the
    rear differential, not a big one...just enough to set off the service alarm
    bells in my head.
    Went to the dealership, the truck still under warrantee and all at the
    time. They examined it and determined that one of the seals on the unit had
    failed. Now, the first thing that should have worried me is that they had
    come right out and told me " we've never replaced those on the Santa Fe as
    yet". I figured ok, do you know how to do it? They kindly answered " Of
    course, we have been trained to do it but have never had to do it on a SF so
    Now you have to be told this one thing about my SF. It does alot of
    mileage. Probably the highest mileage any Santa Fe has in the province
    because we commuted 500 km per week on a minimum. So the truck was up there,
    but still under factory protection at the time
    They had the truck for 3 days! It took them that long to get the parts
    and remember what to do with them. They replaced the faulty seal supposedly
    and gave me back the SF. I checked for 3 days and there wasn't any leaks so
    I figured ok it was fixed and they have something they can tell HQ that they
    knew how to do this.
    Three months later the truck needed an oil change. No big thing and I
    usually took it to the dealership to get that done. I liked the service
    there and even learning on my truck at the time had not deterred that
    feeling. Except that they had no openings to do the service. I figured gee,
    I really need to get this oil change done with the driving I do. So I take
    it to a local place to get it done.
    The change went as advertised, all done no remarks about any problems
    found on thier inspection. The time of year we were driving at this time
    didn't give me the chance to see any new "spots" so I was going about things
    as usual on a trip down to the city in the morning with the wife, in the
    dark of morning.
    She mentions that there seems to be a sound that she has never heard
    before. It was coming from the rear and I listened and it almost sounded
    like a tire rubbing. I slow down a bit and it seems to get a bit louder.
    There was a service station not far down the highway and all of a sudden I
    hear this bang as if I had run over some debris and the sound turned into a
    low groan. Figuring a blown tire or something I nurse the truck into the
    parking lot.
    Checked all the tires, all were up. The sound didn't occur in idle so it
    wasn't likely an exhaust failure. There was not exterior damage to the truck
    so it wasn't wind. Get back into the truck and we agreed that it had to go
    the dealership even though we were now over the warrantee period by about
    Dealership phones me late that afternoon. Seems that in thier opinion
    the place that did the oil change failed to replace the differential fill
    plug properly and had "stripped the connection to the point the plug
    wouldn't tighten" thus causing all the fluid to spray out under pressure and
    frying all the gears.
    Problem 1 with this story of theirs - the oil change was 2k ago.
    Problem 2 with the story - no reported problems at the oil change place.
    The third problem - I demanded the parts from the dealership.

    You see, I was able to tighten the plug with no effort at all. So, I
    said the Service Manager - this was caused by your boys not doin the job
    right. He of course refuses to take blame. I mention that it was apparent to
    me that you guys were learning on my truck. Oh no sir....we knew how to fix

    After a week of futzing around they finally put a new Differential into
    it and it cost me 2600.00. I still have the part. It still seals fine.
    Hyundai Canada refuses to own up to the foul up and my truck has never seen
    the inside of a dealership repair shop since.
    Rick Lavigne, Jul 8, 2005
  11. Dave in Lake Villa

    Jody Guest

    wholly f**&! id be very displeased with that kind of treatment by hmc
    canada, it seems that some dealers get pissy when youve taken your vehicle
    to someone else for serviceing becuase your far away or they cannot fit you
    in at a conveinient time for you.....
    one thing that irks me about our dealer in thunder bay on, when ever we went
    in for maitenance and something was discovered that needed warranty
    attention, they NEVER seem to have parts instock.
    Not even a exhaust pipe when that needed replacement.
    dont the dealerships stock parts besides maitenance stuff?
    worse of its like pulling teeth to get a loaner....
    good luck with santa..
    Jody, Jul 8, 2005
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