"resetting" the sunroof

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Jeff, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    I own a 03 Tiburon and for no reason I lost power to the sun roof. Called
    the dealer the next day, booked it in, and was fixed in about 1/2 hr, didn't
    even have time to finish my McDonalds which is one block away. Anyway the
    dealer said that opening the power roof just requires a quick tap of the
    button. Holding the button in for too long while the roof is opening can
    lead to some kind of "lockup" in the roof circuit resulting in the roof not
    opening. The dealer said it was just a matter of re-setting something. Well
    it must have been, since the problem was fixed lickety-split.

    Anyone else encounter this??
    Jeff, Jun 28, 2003
  2. I'd say so, since it's item 1.5 in the FAQ here:


    The advice dispensed there may help you avoid more 30 minute visits for
    a 15-second problem. The web fora on that site are a reasonable source
    of Tiburon information and discussions, if you have a fast Net drop
    (turn off images if you're on dialup) and you don't mind the interface
    problems YABBSE has. (No way to mark messages as read, no killfiles
    Dances With Crows, Jun 28, 2003
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