Sensor blowing fuse and stalling engine.

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by Madjack59, Mar 12, 2024.

  1. Madjack59


    Mar 12, 2024
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    My 2001 Elantra has stalled on me 3 times now. Each time, the car refused to start or even sound like it wanted to fire up. First time it stalled was late at night and i didnt want to be wrenching on it at the side of the rd. So called home to send someone and trailered it up and took it home. Next morning while doing quick troubleshoot i discovered a blown fuse for a sensor. I changed the 10amp fuse and she fired right up. Took for a quick spin and shut it down for the night. Drove it to work next morning with no issues. Driving home from work it stalled again just like first time. Checked the fuse i had just changed and it was blown again. Changed it out and car fired right up and drove rest of the way home. Not knowing what sensor was blowing this fuse, i started with the throttle body sensors since they first i laid eyes on. All was ok there as far as wiring condition and quick meter check.
    Any Ideas qs for what sensor would shut my car down while driving. Im assuming it to be a wire that is shorting to something that blows this fuse.
    Madjack59, Mar 12, 2024
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