Sonata Audio Install Woes HELP PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by njwashor, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. njwashor

    njwashor Guest


    Got a question for you all. I have become quite frustrated and need
    direction. Here goes:

    I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata LX with Premium Sound (Cassette and CD).
    I bought a JVC KD-DV5100 Deck.
    The Deck came with an HWH-1102 wiring harness.

    I wired everything up correctly and there really are no shorts (so
    please don't go telling me I have a short, unless you are just making a
    joke at me ;)).

    The deck turns on and functions correctly. The CD plays, the FM Tunes.

    ***No Sound comes through speakers***

    When I put my old deck back in, sound works fine.


    Counting the wires in the harness that is physically wired to the car,
    there are 15 wires. I looked on Hyundai's site for any information as
    to explain which wires are for what systems in the car. Not any good
    info there that is readable(

    Counting the number of wires coming from the HWH-1102 harness, there
    are only 14 wires.

    This means one wire in my car is not being connected to anything when I
    use the adapter harness.

    I am now at the point where I believe this one wire is the reason my
    speakers are making no noise when I connect the new stereo, but they
    work fine when I connect the old stereo.

    The wires that I have connected from the car are as follows:
    Left Front Pos
    Left Front Neg
    Right Front Pos
    Right Front Neg
    Left Rear Pos
    Left Rear Neg
    Right Rear Pos
    Right Rear Neg
    Ignition Power
    Battery Power
    Ground (Black)
    Power Antenna
    Illumination Control
    Dimmer Ground (I have been grounding this wire, as the deck does not
    have an input for this wire.)

    The wires from the deck that are not connected to the car system are:
    Parking Break (I have this grounded)

    I am going off of memory, but I believe that is all the wiring info.

    So to reiterate:

    The new deck works fine, except no audio comes out.
    The old deck works 100% fine.
    The old deck receives 15 wires from the car.
    The new deck's adapter harness only receives 14 wires from the car (one
    wire is not connected)

    Does anyone know what this mystery wire is, and is this what is causing
    my pain and suffering?


    njwashor, Apr 5, 2005
  2. njwashor

    hyundaitech Guest

    Do you know if your car has an external amp, and if so, is the radio you
    purchased suitable for an external amp?
    hyundaitech, Apr 5, 2005
  3. njwashor

    Nate Guest

    I have the premium sound package from the factory (does that mean I
    have an amp?) Also, I have not installed or had an external amp
    installed since I bought it new from the dealer.
    Nate, Apr 5, 2005
  4. njwashor

    Nate Guest

    This information came from a different thread, and I wanted to post it
    here for future people to be able to read:

    Your car may have a factory amp the is not letting the signal get to
    speakers. See if that American International harness has a "amp remote"
    and hook that to the amp remote wire on the JVC. Some of the JVC's only
    1 remote wire that does both amp remote and power antenna. If it only
    the one remote output hook that to the amp remote on the AI harness
    Nate, Apr 5, 2005
  5. njwashor

    LameBMX Guest

    trying hooking up the + and - speaker wires to the RCA outputs on your
    new head unit ... leave volume all the way down
    turn everything on and slowly turn up the volume ... it should kick in
    at a very low volume setting ... but yea your symptoms sound like it
    uses an external amp ... and the spare wire would be the amps signal
    wire ... for testing hook that wire up with your power antenna output
    wire .. and it should have sound ... if sound is real quiet or none at
    all.. it may be a "high level" external amp ... in that case run
    speakers how you originally had them ...
    LameBMX, Apr 6, 2005
  6. | Hi.
    | The deck turns on and functions correctly. The CD plays, the
    FM Tunes.
    | ***No Sound comes through speakers***

    The quick and dirty electronics pro test would be to substitute
    one or two speakers. It's easiest to do this on a workbench,
    especially if you've got 12v DC power, such as an old car battery
    that's charged up. Hell, a pack of 9 D-sized flashlight batteries
    will probably work fine for this purpose, too.

    I assume that you received some sort of diagram with the unit, so
    if you find the speaker lines, you can jury rig a connection to
    your speakers and see if you can get any sound into them. The
    impedance of those speakers won't be critical so long as you
    avoid cranking the thing up real loud. Don't run it for a long
    time with the leads unconnected or connected to the wrong
    impedance speaker (hint: car speakers and home speakers aren't
    the same impedance).

    What you want to determine is whether your output transistors are
    blown or not. Many circuits don't have protection, so if they've
    been run into a short circuit, even for a fraction of a second,
    they may be fried. One strand of a wire touching the other is a
    short circuit.

    You could also have the thing set on some sort of auxilliary
    input. I don't know; there are a few different possible simple
    mis-settings that will kill the audio, so look for any of these.
    For example, does the thing have a "mute" switch, and is it
    engaged? In other words, take a deep breath and apply common
    sense by elimination. It's easier to do this on a workbench than
    in the car. Test with the radio rather than the CD at first, but
    ensure that you've got some sort of antenna connected! The unit
    may mute between stations and be fooling you that way.

    In this manner, I have permanently healed your pain. That will be
    $35; see my receptionist on the way out. Unfortunately, we had a
    sale on suffering last week; so sorry: suffering's full price.

    Richard Steinfeld, Apr 6, 2005
  7. njwashor

    Nate Guest

    Hahaha, that was a funny last paragraph...

    Thanks Guys. The problem was that one wire. The Factory Amp (which I
    didn't even know I had, hehe) had a remote lead that the adapter for my
    car (HWH-1102) was not connecting to. The hole in the adapter was
    there, just no wire running through it.

    So to fix this issue, I took one of an ISO connector's wires
    (butchering the connector as I had no need for it), and ran it into the
    HWH-1102 in the hole that should have been connecting to the car's
    remote amp lead. I then split the antenna/remote lead coming off of
    the JVC deck to fead both the antenna lead of the car and the remote
    amp lead of the car (the new wire).

    I grounded the parking break lead to the chassis so DVD playback works
    while in motion, but now it appears my dimmer ground is not correctly
    grounded (I grounded this to the chassis too, but I guess I should have
    grounded it to the negative ground on the battery). I'll fix that when
    I install the touch panel LCD monitor in my dash :)

    Thanks for your comments.

    Nate, Apr 7, 2005
  8. njwashor

    Jacob Suter Guest

    Fix the DVD-enable wire. You hit and hurt/kill somebody and it can be
    the difference between a $150 traffic ticket and life imprisonment...

    They recently tried to nail a kid over his indash DVD and running
    into/over somebody, people died. Luckily in his case the DVD player had
    been wired correctly and the dead people's case was 'destroyed' at that

    Otherwise the guy would be Bruce's bitch for the rest of your life. I
    dunno how you swing, but I doubt its the way Bruce wants you to...

    Jacob Suter, Apr 11, 2005
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