Sonata top speed?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by Edwin Pawlowski, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Just curious what the top speed of the V-6 is.

    Here in New England there are too many places for the police to hide along
    the highways so I've not gone past 90 mph yet.

    I certainly don't see why the speedometer can read up to 160. That is sort
    of like Hyundai saying "we can't give you a larger penis, but this will have
    the same effect."
    Edwin Pawlowski, Nov 10, 2006
  2. Edwin Pawlowski

    Shaman Guest

    Don't count on me for an answer! This week, I had a speeding ticket. My
    speed was 86 Km/H (53.4379 MpH) in a 50 Km/H zone (31.0686 MpH). Total
    amount of the ticket: 225,00$ + 3 demerit points.

    The max speed allowed on the highway here is 100 Km/H (60 MpH) I will
    probably never find out the top speed of my 2006 V6 Sonata!!!

    Shaman, Nov 10, 2006
  3. Edwin Pawlowski

    Eric G. Guest

    According to Car and Driver magazine, the top speed of the V6 Auto is 137
    MPH. Although there was a story recently (in the last 6 months) of a guy
    in the Scottsdale, AZ area that was clocked on photo radar at 142 MPH
    according to the "certified" radar.

    Eric G., Nov 10, 2006
  4. Edwin Pawlowski

    Darby O'Gill Guest

    I haven't been over 100 mph....not enough road, and getty too old(smart) for
    that :>). Only place I can usually trounce on it is hiway entrance ramps. "I
    was just getting up to road speed, officer"
    Darby O'Gill, Nov 10, 2006
  5. Edwin Pawlowski

    Vineeth Guest

    I was lucky once when I was cruising along a highway & there was
    scarcely any traffic I touched 109mph. I never realized it untill my
    wife asked me to slow down and later saw on the trip computer of a GPS
    unit I was using that the top speed was 109mph! I am sure I would have
    gotten atleast 5 to 8 points if I had been caught. The car is real
    smooth even at such speeds though..
    Vineeth, Nov 10, 2006
  6. Edwin Pawlowski

    Vineeth Guest

    Sorry I forgot to mention I have a 2006 sonata V6
    Vineeth, Nov 10, 2006
  7. That's impressive. Not enough places in the east to try that without
    risking a huge fine. The car is very comfortable in the 80-85 range though.
    Sadly, most of my highway life here is on cruise control at about 70.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Nov 11, 2006
  8. I do that to. I like to see how far up the ramp before I'm up to 70. Coming
    off the ramp on the way home from work, I don't knock the cruise control off
    until I make the first section off the travel lane and the left curve was 40
    mph in my old car is comfy at 50 in the Sonata. Overall, I'm impressed with
    the handling.

    Some bright sunny day in the right place I'll hit 100 just to say I've done
    Edwin Pawlowski, Nov 11, 2006
  9. Edwin Pawlowski

    PMDR Guest

    I've had my V6 up to 100 briefly, 90s more often. It really, really
    likes it there but the police do not. Looking for a race track which
    might allow me to play a little. IIRC, the tires are rated to 130 or

    I have heard fifth-hand reports of Sonatas "regularly hitting 160" in
    South Korea. Haven't been there, don't know. Planning to go next year
    and see for myself.

    The car supposedly still holds the highest speed ever recorded for the
    State of Arizona, in the 140s. I can totally believe it can do 140.
    PMDR, Nov 11, 2006
  10. Edwin Pawlowski

    Mike Marlow Guest

    I don't think it was the highest speed ever recorded in the state of
    Arizona, but it was reported to be in the 140's. 140 is not terribly high
    and there are plenty of cars that will hit that, whether stock or not.
    Mike Marlow, Nov 11, 2006
  11. Edwin Pawlowski

    Eric G. Guest

    I'll admit to testing the top speed once or twice. I work early AM hours,
    and on the weekends there is plenty of room at 4-4:30AM to let 'er rip. I
    can't tell you exactly what the speedo said becasue I was watching the road
    intensely, but after I lifted off and took a glance I was still in the high
    120's. I would suspect I made the low to mid 130's.

    And before I get chastized by those that think that speed is ridiculous, I
    don't condone doing this, or think it is a smart thing to do. I used to
    race cars semi-professionally, so I have some experience at those speeds,
    and while I admit the Sonata is not designed to run that fast all the time,
    it certainly is more stable and capable than many give it credit for. And
    we ALL do stupid things once in a while.

    Eric G., Nov 11, 2006
  12. Edwin Pawlowski

    Eric G. Guest

    While I am sure it isn't the highest speed ever recorded in AZ (or anywhere
    for that matter) at the time I remember reading that it was the highest
    speeding ticket ever given for a photo radar unit.

    Eric G., Nov 11, 2006
  13. Edwin Pawlowski

    Eric G. Guest

    Eric G., Nov 11, 2006
  14. Edwin Pawlowski

    Mike Marlow Guest

    Yeah - that could make sense.
    Mike Marlow, Nov 11, 2006
  15. Edwin Pawlowski

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Matt Whiting, Nov 11, 2006
  16. Why? Because some liberal newspaper says he is not capable of driving that
    fast? I don't know that particular road, but at the time he was out there,
    traffic may have been non existent. If it was daylight and the road was
    flat and smooth, there was really very little risk for a short burst of
    speed. But since we don't know the exact circumstances, we can't make that

    Since the manufacturer states the top speed is 137, he may be able to prove
    the radar wrong and walk away! Honest, judge, I was doing 65.

    FWIW, my personal high speed was 115 on a Philadelphia expressway, long
    straight road

    My personal scariest time was at about 105 mph and I saw flashing lights
    closing in on me. Crap, I'm going to jail, I thought. I slowed to 80 and
    the CA Highway Patrol just whizzed right by me.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Nov 11, 2006
  17. Edwin Pawlowski

    Bob Adkins Guest

    I personally hold the world's speed record while eating a bagel.

    Bob Adkins, Nov 11, 2006
  18. Edwin Pawlowski

    Wayne Moses Guest

    Reply to message from "Eric G." <> (Sat, 11
    Nov 2006 05:55:34) about "Re: Sonata top speed?":

    EG> I found the relevant articles, and I guess I remembered the speed
    EG> wrong:

    EG> index.php?sty=66898

    EG> 11/1162.asp

    Google returns many hits including the above -

    Saw these figures also -

    Between the various sources the top speed may vary between 137 and 142 with
    the extra 5 mph likely due to error in the radar equipment.

    Actual top speed will vary a bit between cars and environmental conditions
    at the time, so IMO it is pointless to try to pinpoint an exact one speed
    attributable to all V6 Sonatas.

    Best Regards
    Wayne Moses <> Sat, 11 Nov 2006 09:54:29 -0600

    === Posted with Qusnetsoft NewsReader 3.3
    Wayne Moses, Nov 11, 2006
  19. Edwin Pawlowski

    Darby OGill Guest

    Bob, as a kid I reared a guy when I dropped my double whopper and rummaged
    on the floor to find it. I hadn't honed my skills by then......ended up
    being an expensive sandwhich.
    Darby OGill, Nov 11, 2006
  20. Edwin Pawlowski

    Eric G. Guest

    There may be more truth in that statement than you might know. The way
    traffic court works these days, I am sure he woyuld get screwed in any

    My personal record (for the street) AND scariest time was back in 1986 on
    Rt. 80 about 20 miles east of Bloomsburg, PA in a far-from-stock 1969
    Camaro that was capable of running high 9's in the 1/4 mile. I was doing
    an indicated 155 MPH. And I DID get stopped by a PA tropper. He was
    headed the opposite way on Rt. 80. I saw him turn his lights on and I
    coasted to a stop and waited for him to pull up behind us. He had no clue
    how fast I was going...just FAST. He offered us a choice (since it wasn't
    my car) of either having the car impounded and us put in jail overnight, or
    he could take the car for a drive by himself. We agreed to let him drive
    the car. He radioed in for his lunch break and was gone for about 1/2
    hour. He returned with a big smile and let us go on our way. After we
    changed our underwear, we laughed about that for a week.

    Eric G., Nov 11, 2006
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