Sonata V6 Gas Mileage

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by Old_Timer, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Old_Timer

    Old_Timer Guest

    I am getting 22MPG city and 27 MPG highway on my 2000 V6 Sonata. I do
    not hot rod the car.

    I see other drivers "going for broke" between red lights and I am
    certain that their mileage must be less. Often I can look ahead and
    see that the next light is not going to change in time for me to make
    the green. I will let off of the accelerator as I approach this
    light. No need to keep pouring on the fuel at the expense of the

    Sometimes the driver behind me will switch lanes and go roaring past
    me, braking hard for the light and we will both be side-by-side
    waiting for the green. That driver will also be likely to be buying
    new tires before I do also.

    Another tip for getting good as mileage is to keep the tires properly
    inflated. Low air pressure equals a liitle bit less gas mileage.

    Old_Timer, Dec 22, 2003
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  2. Old_Timer

    BJ Guest

    You are very luckily. I don't hotrod either but have only been getting
    between 15.45 to 18.75 on a 2003 with a 2.7 engine.
    BJ, Dec 23, 2003
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  3. Old_Timer

    Old_Timer Guest

    Have you taken it inot the dealer and have him check the error codes?
    Perhaps a MAF sensor is malfuntioning.

    Old_Timer, Dec 23, 2003
  4. Old_Timer

    news group Guest

    All hyundai's gas mileage is overrated by 10/15 % Not happy with mine
    either.. No response from Hyundai " dont care once its totled!!!! "
    news group, Dec 23, 2003
  5. Old_Timer

    Jim Vatunz Guest

    i have no trouble getting better than the claimed figures with my
    accent. with the air conditioner only on for about 25% of the time
    i've been using 6.6 litres per 100km. i've seen it get as good as a
    touch over 5 litres per 100km when on a very rare drive without using
    the air conditioner.
    For the latest weather where i am click
    Jim Vatunz, Dec 23, 2003
  6. Old_Timer

    Old_Timer Guest

    My latest gas mileage check was last Sunday. I filled the gas the gas
    tank and went then drove 104 miles mostly freeway driving at about
    70-75 MPH. When I got home I refilled the gas tank and it took 3.7
    gallons. My handy dandy calculator says that comes to a hair over 28

    This is for a V6 engine and best of all, the Hyundai is one of the few
    V6s thats only requires regular rather than premium gas.

    Old_Timer, Dec 24, 2003
  7. Old_Timer

    Jason Guest

    The reason it uses standard 87 Octane gas is that Hyundai makes the
    car run pig-rich and retards the timing like mad at higher RPM to keep
    the engine from exploding with its 10.0:1 compression ratio. I'd be
    much happier if they offered a retuned ECU (that won't void the
    warranty) for 89 or 91 Octane gas. They could lean the car out to
    13.0:1 (from about 10.5:1). You'd end up with an extra 8-10 HP and
    another 1-3 MPG and there'd still be a safety margin to keep you from
    running lean and killing your engine.
    Jason, Dec 24, 2003
  8. Old_Timer

    Rob Rust Guest

    My wife has a 2003 Sonata with a 2.7 l V-6 with about 10000 miles. Her
    mileage with a mix of roughly 70% interstate and 30% non-interstate varies
    between 22 and 27. Like you she is a cautious driver. Based on the other
    comments I have seen this is typical mileage for this model and engine.
    Rob Rust, Dec 25, 2003
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