Stalls and won’t restart

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Donr, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Donr

    Donr Guest

    Hi guys
    I am new here and need some help. I have been to 2 other Sonata forums
    and with over 200 people that saw my thread, only one replied and
    offered assistance. This will be long so here I go.
    I purchased a 95 Sonata 2l automatic 10 days ago. Pick up the car 100
    miles away and drive it home. The exhaust flexible is shot so I drive
    with a light foot to keep the noise down. The car runs great.

    Next day I buy and install a flexible plus catalityc converter, seeing
    the previous owner took it off and installed a piece of pipe. I then
    proceed to pressure wash the engine bay after taking out the battery.
    Now everything is nice. Wait a few days so everything dries up good
    before putting back the battery
    I then start the car. It is idling very rough. I take off the central
    cover on the head and the plugs were drowning in water. So I clean
    everything up and restart and let the car idle for awhile. Then I
    decide to take a test drive. Shift in reverse and the car stalls. Can
    not restart. Next day, I clean the plugs wich were fouled with fuel. I
    start the car but I have to keep my foot on the gas because it will
    stall and have to keep the rpm’s high because it is bucking and
    cutting out and just want’s to stall, wich it did. Attempted to
    restart but, no go.The spark plugs were again flooded with fuel.
    So I proceded to check the DLC for codes with my voltmeter leads
    plugged into the MFI and ground. All I get is a steady voltage pulse
    at approx. 1hz intervall. No codes. I checked the harness going to the
    ECM relay and I can hear it energize when I turn on the ignition. I
    checked for spark and fuel, OK. Compression test=160psi per cyl. Leak
    down test=10% leak
    I did resistance test on the coils and power transistors. OK Checked
    the tps. OK
    Resistance test of the harness connectors to the VAFS, CKP sensor and
    whatever else I could think of. Could not check O2 voltage as I can’t
    keep the car running without my foot on the gas. Checked for gas in
    the fuel regulator vacum line but did not do a fuel pressure test. I
    am at a loss because this car ran good for the 100 mile ride home. I
    am wondering if I shorted something when I pressure washed it or if
    there is something restricting the exhaust.
    So to sum it up:
    Car will start once in morning but won’t idle and dies when warm if
    the gas peddal is touched. Will not restart unless it is cold and the
    plugs have been cleaned.
    Suggestions I have had are to replace O2 sensor ($246.00 cdn) the CKP
    sensor and the MAF sensor which btw I could not find. These are
    expensive without knowing if the problem will be fixed and you can not
    return these components even if the ones you have are good.
    So does anyone out there have an idea. The car has been in my driveway
    for 10 days so I am willing to try anything. Oh I was wondering if the
    pulsing from the ecm when I tried retrieving the codes is normal. Also
    my MIL or CEL is not working. Might be a burnt bulb. Few!!!! Told
    you it was long. Thank’s
    Donr, Aug 21, 2005
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  2. Donr

    Rob Muller Guest

    I wonder if the problem is caused by the coolant temperature sensor.

    Rob Muller, Aug 21, 2005
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  3. Donr

    Donr Guest

    I did not check this sensor. Would temporarely unplugging it confirm
    Also I just looked in past post and 1 thread refers to a site with
    trouble codes. Normal condition is code 2 which should be 2 pulses
    followed by a 2 second pause. All I get is a steady 1hz pulse
    Donr, Aug 21, 2005
  4. Donr

    Rob Muller Guest

    I suspect the problem is caused by washing the engine bay. Maybe the
    connector came a bit loose?
    You can find a wealth of information at

    If I understand it correct, the 1Hz pulse means there are no error
    codes. Maybe the ignition system is just still wet?
    Try drying every part of the ignition system. To speed up the drying
    you can idle the engine a few minutes until the fan comes on and let
    it cool down again.

    Rob Muller, Aug 21, 2005
  5. Donr

    hyundaitech Guest

    If you pressure washed it, it's possible you got water inside the optical
    crank/cam sensor on the head. This'll cause some crazy stuff.
    hyundaitech, Aug 22, 2005
  6. Donr

    Norman Webb Guest

    Is it running really rich when it starts?

    May be injectors sticking open and coincidently occurred when you cleaned.

    I have an lpg fueled excel and have similar problems when I use petrol to
    start sometimes.

    Donr wrote in message
    Norman Webb, Aug 22, 2005
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