Starter motor problem????

Discussion in 'Hyundai i20' started by Jim O'Keeffe, Mar 20, 2023.

  1. Jim O'Keeffe

    Jim O'Keeffe

    Mar 20, 2023
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    Can anyone help please?
    We have a i20 1.2 petrol 64 plate. When I turn on the ignition key all the dash lights come on as Normal. When I try to engage the starter all the dash lights go out and nothing can be heard from the starter motor at all not even a clicking or wurring sound. The battery is fully charged the the headlights are bright when switched on, but they dim when I try to engage the starter. I'm guessing the starter or the solenoid has packed up but I want to be sure that's the problem before I spend £120 which I won't get back once I've fitted a new starter motor...a y help would be appreciated as I'm not a mechanic but know basic stuff....thanks
    Jim O'Keeffe, Mar 20, 2023
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