Tachometer Questions (Elantra)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by Bob, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest


    Son has a new Elantra.

    Question concerning the Tachometer.

    It seems it is pretty much always on 1,500 or so.
    Might go to 2,00 if hard accelerating, but that's about as high as it
    ever seems to get.

    1,500dial goes all the way to 8,000 or possibly 10,000; don't recall)

    a. Is this 1,500, nearly irrespective of the
    driving condition, normal ?

    b. Am I right that it is supposedly reading the rpm before the
    transmission gearing; in other words, the true engine rpm (only) ?

    c. And, I guess I am always wondering why just about all the mfg's put
    tachs in their cars, even those with automatic transmissions.

    I can understgand if it's in a manual shifter, but for an auto ?
    Does anyone, ever, even look at the thing ?

    Why have ?

    Bob, Apr 21, 2010
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  2. Bob

    Ed Pawlowski Guest

    RPM depends on gearing and speed. My Sonata cruises at 2000 rpm at 70 but
    will easily go to 4000 whith quick accelleration or red line under full
    throttle. If it never goes above 2k, something is wrong.

    I look at mine a lot. If the trans was starting to slip, I'd see the rpm
    creep up under a given set of circumstances. I sometimes use the manual
    shifter and it tells me what the engine speed it. Yes, I can live without
    one, but I like having it.
    Ed Pawlowski, Apr 21, 2010
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