Test-Drive Your Car Salesman- Stillwell North Adelaide

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by sat, Dec 18, 2004.

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    Test-Drive Your Car Salesman- Stillwell North Adelaide

    I felt afraid that I would be cheated, ripped off, pressured, hoodwinked,
    swindled, jacked around, suckered or fleeced. But car sales, like any other
    business, are about maximizing profits. Once they (Stillwell North Adelaide)
    got my deposit which was in my case then I was at their mercy. They dictated
    and changes times of delivery of the car. They never told me that the car
    was coming from interstate. Only days after taking my money they then told
    me that the car is coming from interstate. I was told it will take a week or
    no later than two. Lie 1

    They rang me twice to say the car is still on the way. I at that time I was
    unhappy and told the sales man. After those phones I was the one left to
    ring to check delivery of the car. 7 calls in total only to be told that the
    car will be here finally on Monday after over two weeks. The salesman said
    on Tuesday that will rush the car (yes RUSH the car) into getting ready.
    That includes the entire car pack, paint protection, tinting, leather
    interior and the rest. Yes all in a less than a day. I was the one who laugh
    and said you have to joking there is no way it can be done for Wednesday
    delivery. I said give it to me on Thursday or no later than Friday. I did
    say to the sales man if the car is NOT ready then we will not go ahead with
    purchasing with the car. At this point I also made a point to say RING me
    and tell me when you want the money to transfer so it can be cleared. This
    NEVER happen.

    I had to ring over 4 times to finally speak to the GM of the car yard. Hey!
    Should they not be the one running after my money? The money was transferred
    on Wednesday and no money showed in their NAB bank account. Funny part it
    left from my account and I was charged for interest already. Wonder how NAB
    makes money? After many phone calls to and from Stillwell North Adelaide
    (GM) rang me on Friday and told me that the money was not in the account
    despite all the evidence that I supplied it has been transferred. Then he
    says the car is ready without the additional items. So what PART of the
    English language did they not understand that if the car is not ready by
    Friday then the deal is off? He (typical sales man) dud! what me stupid
    attitude said he never knew of this part of the agreement. I should have
    told him two days ago that was the agreement between me and them. He would
    have then tried to have the car ready by Friday. What is the matter with him
    does he think buyers are stupid. if he got his car on Thursday /Friday how
    would he have the car ready with all the extras in the first place. Lie 2.
    He also accused me of been the difficult person and tried to hand ball the
    fault onto me. Well done (Stillwell North Adelaide) trained well but wrong
    again as the GM he slipped by saying they just got the car a few hours ago.
    Oh my god why am I not shocked with this people anymore. YES they LIE again
    from receiving the car on Monday then to Tuesday and then to Friday.

    So there you are. I have lost 6 days of interest on my money. Lost interest
    on my deposit and its nearly 4 weeks with no car and my head screwed all
    over the place. Oh! also you must be wondering why don't I ask my lawyer to
    knock this criminals on the head well I am the stupid one here, I never got
    any receipt on my deposit and never signed any paper work. Yup no contact.
    This Stillwell North Adelaide people are good in doing this. Now who is the
    dump one here? Hey. no prizes here but once again Stillwell North Adelaide
    has won the medal. Hey. they try in all ways to say it's all my doing so
    maybe I should deserver a dux award. Looks like a great dealership well run
    with stupid customers like me waiting to get cheated. Good training
    Stillwell North Adelaide.

    Let the customer bleed and step on him and keep rubbing their nose down into
    the ground.

    Oh if you are thinking of writing to Hyundai directly from their web site.
    DON'T. They do not reply to any emails. I wrote to them twice without an
    answer on some advice I was seeking over this issue. Well done now I know
    where the Stillwell North Adelaide gets their training from.

    Buyers I suggest you do not deal with Stillwell North Adelaide if you want
    to check the list below first.

    1.. NEVER give them ANY deposit and if you do, ask them for a receipt and
    have something written down in black white or just go to another dealer.
    2.. Either get in writing or walk away.
    3.. Don't bother writing to Hyundai as they NEVER reply from their web
    4.. Do not bother to ring Hyundai directly on STD because they do not have
    a toll free number in Australia. Yup you will be too stupid to ring STD and
    get no where for ten minutes and pay top telephone call charges. They will
    ask you to call their Stillwell dealerships which the problem in the first
    5.. When servicing your car be very care full. Get everything in writing
    what they will be doing first as you will be very surprise that their first
    service is merely that, free. I have that experience and they do nothing
    6.. On your other service times, mark your car in areas that they claim
    that they will be working on and yes once again you will be very surprise

    An overall Hyundai car are good and lets me not bag it. But not some of
    their dealership people example - Stillwell North Adelaide is good. Be very
    careful DO NOT purchase any cars from Adelaide: Stillwell North Adelaide 26
    Main North Road, Adelaide.

    Please write to my email and I will tell you more. Word or mouth ... use it
    or be a victim.

    Hey I am going to keep a tally on how many people I am going to stop from
    buying a vehicle from Stillwell North Adelaide. Email me and tell me your
    bad experiences with Stillwell North Adelaide.

    Here is mine

    I have stopped two people from purchasing a vehicle from Stillwell North

    1 x Elantra

    1 x Tiburon

    More to follow.

    Posted on 29 websites and forums within Australia and will keep posting for
    a while.

    Author of this email has all the prove on hand.
    sat, Dec 18, 2004
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