Thermostat replacement on a 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Discussion in 'Hyundai Elantra / Lantra' started by glassfern53, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. glassfern53

    glassfern53 Guest

    I just had to replace a thermostat on my Hyundai. The car started to
    overheat on the way to work and I brought it to the garage next door
    to my office. My oil was fine and the radiator fluid was at an ok
    level. I was charged $178.00 for the replacement thermostat. In
    reality, isn't this just a matter of unscrewing the old radiator cap
    and installing a new one? This same repair guy told me it would cost
    in the area of $200 - $400 to put my passenger-side electric window
    back on its track. (The $400 is in case the motor is gone) I told the
    owner that I knew it was the window coming off the track because it
    happened once before and if it was the motor, the window itself
    wouldn't go up and down. (The window cocks to one side sometimes when
    it is opened and I have to manually re-seat it). Does this guy sound
    exhorbitant to you? Thank you!
    glassfern53, Sep 30, 2009
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  2. glassfern53

    hyundaitech Guest

    Not really, but I don't know where he is, the quality/source of the
    parts he uses, or the quality of his work.

    To replace the thermostat, he must remove the air cleaner box, remove
    the thermostat housing cover, replace the thermostat with a new
    gasket, clean off any old gasket material, reinstall the housing cover
    and air box, and then fill and bleed the cooling system. Consider
    that you're paying for the labor to do this and the price of a
    thermostat, a gasket, and the necessary coolant.

    As for the window, there's something wrong with the glass or the
    mechanism. If it was put back once before, it can likely be done
    again, but the question to be asked for that sort if repair is whether
    you'd like to keep paying someone to put the window back every time it
    comes loose. There are several possibilities for the nature of the
    problem. Could be one of the grips on the window glass has come
    loose. If it has been reglued in place and came loose again, you may
    want to consider replacing the window glass which has comes with grips
    already attached. It could be that there is a problem with the

    Are there cheaper places to have your car repaired? Probably so.
    Will the results be satisfactory? Who knows? If this shop isn't
    satisfactory to you, check word of mouth.
    hyundaitech, Oct 5, 2009
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  3. glassfern53

    glassfern53 Guest

    Thanks so much for oyur wisdom, Hyundai tech. I'm learning a lot from
    glassfern53, Oct 7, 2009
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