Those dang glove box clips/stops...

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by bobmct, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. bobmct

    bobmct Guest

    Now that I just responded how easy it is to change the cabin air
    filter I thought it wise to change my own now. But unless I'm
    forgetting something, what's the trick to removing the side stops in
    the glove box?

    I don't want to break them.

    bobmct, Apr 7, 2010
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  2. bobmct

    Speedy Jim Guest

    On the *outside* of the box, press in on the black "button" that you see
    inside the box. At the same time, pull the black button toward the
    glove box lid. That should free the plastic latch and allow you to
    extract the latch thru the opening into the glove box. Small hands
    are big help...

    Speedy Jim, Apr 7, 2010
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  3. bobmct

    bobmct Guest

    Thanks, Speedy Jim;

    Worked like a charm even with my big thumbs.

    bobmct, Apr 8, 2010
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