Trip report '06 Sonata

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by Smee, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Smee

    Smee Guest

    Just recently returned from vacation, and the rental car I had was an
    '06 Sonata V6 with 1179 miles on it. I picked the car up in Denver a
    bit disappointed since I was hoping for a Mustang. I drove the car
    from Denver to Rapid City to Sioux Falls to Minneapolis and put about
    1100 miles on the car. I was surprised by the size of the car (I have
    an Elantra '05 hatch) it seemed much bigger then I thought it was. I
    drove 98% of the time on the highway with the cruise control set
    between 70-80 mph and the AC on, by the time I turned the car in the
    trip computer said I was getting 40MPG. My only complaint about the
    car was the control for the sunroof, I prefer separate switches for
    tilt and open as opposed to the one switch in the Sonata (I kept
    getting the feeling it wasn't closed properly). If I had known the
    Sonata was this roomy and got such good gas mileage I would have bought
    one instead of the Elantra.
    Smee, Jun 12, 2006
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  2. Smee

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Something is wrong with that trip computer. No way a Sonata got 40 MPG
    running at those speeds.

    Matt Whiting, Jun 12, 2006
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  3. An Elantra won't do it either and I doubt that an Accent could.
    Brian Nystrom, Jun 12, 2006
  4. Smee

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Agreed. I could at least possibly believe though than an Accent could
    do it. It is just not possible with a Sonata.

    Matt Whiting, Jun 12, 2006
  5. Smee

    Bob Adkins Guest

    The trip computer is obviously wrong.

    The best you can expect at those speeds is ~25mpg.

    It's unusual for the trip tech to be that far off. Mine usually agrees with
    actual miles/gallons within less than 1mpg. Most other Sonata owners are
    reporting it's very accurate on the highway.
    Bob Adkins, Jun 12, 2006
  6. Smee

    KW Guest

    The trip computer has 2 data points that begin with Avg MP.... are you sure
    you weren't looking at the Average MP(H)our reading instead of the
    MP(G)allon page? I took mine on a trip to Atlanta this week and according to
    the computer, I averaged 26.5 MPG and 35MPH for the trip with probably 70%
    freeway and 30% city/county roads. I could easily see your average being
    40MPH or better with a higher percentage/duration of freeway time.

    Just a thought anyway.
    KW, Jun 12, 2006
  7. Smee

    Vineeth Guest

    Yeah I am sure it is something like that. 40 MPG & you won't be able to
    find any Sonatas at dealers! ;)
    Vineeth, Jun 12, 2006
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