Tucson battery light flashing, jerking on low gears, lights flickering

Discussion in 'Hyundai Tucson' started by omarhayat, Dec 28, 2023.

  1. omarhayat


    Dec 28, 2023
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    Dear All,

    Tucson 2021 (old shape) 2.0 Smart. (KSA)
    87000 KM/3.2 yrs

    Start of 2023 the original battery was dying so I went to the open market and changed it. The factory installed 55Amp and the new battery was 60Amp.
    a few weeks later the battery light started flashing. Nothing was wrong at that time, no lights flickering or jerking during gear changes. As it was still under warranty, the alternator assembly was replaced by the official Hyundai workshop. After a few months, the battery light came on again, and now the lights started to flicker (only low beam and fog lights) and jerked during gear changes (low reps). Had it checked and the company again replaced the alternator and it worked for only 15 minutes, after that, the problem came back.

    The computer check does not bring anything. gives all clear.

    • Got the alternator belt replaced.
    • Installed original Mobis battery of 55Amp.
    • Replaced spark plugs
    • Fuel injectors cleaned
    • Oil change with Synthetic
    • All filters changed.
    • ATF oil replaced

    Does anybody have any clue as to what could be wrong here?
    any suggestions will be helpful.
    omarhayat, Dec 28, 2023
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