Tucson roomier than Santa Fe?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Tucson' started by Tom Betz, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Tom Betz

    Tom Betz Guest

    Looking at the specs on Hyundai's web site, it looks like the Tucson
    is roomier in the front seat (where it really matters to me) than the
    Santa Fe, even though Tucson is a slightly smaller vehicle.

    Has anyone here tried on the Tucson yet? Does it feel bigger inside?

    The Santa Fe's B pillar was obnoxiously located for me, ruling it out
    immediately. Maybe there's hope for the Tucson...

    Tom Betz, Mar 19, 2005
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  2. My 6' husband is quite comfy in the front seat as a pasenger since I
    drive usally. He was quoted as stating how roomy our 2002 Santa Fe is.

    The Awesome 1, Mar 19, 2005
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  3. Tom Betz

    afob3 Guest

    According to my service manager the Tucson's passenger space is larger
    than the Santa Fe. On the flip side the Santa Fe has a larger cargo
    afob3, Mar 19, 2005
  4. Tom Betz

    Striker Guest

    I am 6 foot and wish my 2004 Santa Fe LX AWD had about 3 inches more leg
    Striker, Mar 20, 2005
  5. Tom Betz

    Don Guest

    Me too. More head room would be nice also, my hair keeps getting messed up
    as it rubs against the top.

    Don, Mar 20, 2005
  6. Tom Betz

    hoff Guest

    Yes, more leg room. That sold my wife on the Tucson over the Sante
    hoff, Mar 20, 2005
  7. Tom Betz

    Krazy Kanuck Guest

    I understood the Tuscon had more width for the driver/passenger too....Good
    for you fat folks<G>
    I'm also glad I'm only 5'8"....my Santa Fe fits me well but I can see how it
    might be a bit cramped for over 6'....

    Krazy Kanuck, Mar 21, 2005
  8. Tom Betz

    Jody Guest

    were big guys 6 ft + and at the time santa fe came out it seemed to be the
    roomiest smaller suv out there.
    not narrow inside, plenty of head and leg room..
    Jody, Mar 21, 2005
  9. Tom Betz

    Zeppo Guest

    I'm a 5'8" fat folk and its plenty roomy for me.

    Zeppo, Mar 21, 2005
  10. Tom Betz

    Tom Betz Guest

    Following up myself, I went and tried a couple of Tucsons on today,
    and with the seat adjusted correctly, I fit into it quite
    comfortably. There was even enough headroom in the LX with the sun

    I now have two vehicles of this type on my list of eligible machines:
    the Tucson and the Honda Element. Because its drivers' seat is more
    adjustable, the Tucson has a scoche more legroom than the Element, so
    it's in the lead as of now.
    Tom Betz, Mar 22, 2005
  11. Tom Betz

    Krazy Kanuck Guest

    .....Better warranty too with the Tucson?...
    Krazy Kanuck, Mar 23, 2005
  12. Tom Betz

    Tom Betz Guest

    Over the weekend I tried on a Kia Sportage, and with its lower
    center console and better shifter placement, it's even more
    comfortable... with the same warranty as the Tucson.

    Same adjustable driver's seat, too.
    Tom Betz, Apr 1, 2005
  13. Tom Betz

    Jody Guest

    i prefer the tuscons look over the sportages
    Jody, Apr 1, 2005
  14. Tom Betz

    Tom Betz Guest

    I can't argue with that.
    Tom Betz, Apr 1, 2005
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