two way radio in 2008 Sonata

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata' started by jgeorge0407, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. jgeorge0407

    jgeorge0407 Guest

    I just bought a 2008 Sonata, and I am planning to install my 2 meter
    ham radio rig in it. Looking around under the dash and the firewall
    area, I can see that the fit and finish is excellent - so much so that
    I can't find an easy place to tap power for the radio. Note that
    using the cigarette lighter/ power jack is not really an option
    because the plugs tend to overheat when transmitting at 50 watts.

    Is there some convenient place to tap power without having to
    dismantle something, or alternatively, is there someplace where I can
    run wires through the firewall to connect directly to the battery?


    jgeorge0407, Nov 4, 2007
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  2. jgeorge0407

    Tom Guest

    N4XTK here. :eek:) If it were me, I'd tap off of the battery with an in-line
    fuse close to the battery. They have setups for feeding subwoofer amps that
    will work. Getting through the firewall shouldn't be a problem. I haven't
    looked in my Sonata, but there are usually grommets you can open up. Good
    -.- -.

    Tom, Nov 5, 2007
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  3. jgeorge0407

    Bob Guest

    Go immediately out to your car, and lift the hood. Next to the battery is
    the underhood fuse/relay box. There is a power tap in there. You'll need a
    fuse I haven't
    been able to find anywhere to buy them, but I asked for, and got samples
    from them - you know the drill!!!

    Depending on what kind of radio you have - split / non-split (where the head
    goes on the dash, and the radio goes somewhere else, like the trunk) - you
    might want to go a marine store (Boaters World is near me), and get some
    marine grade #6, and go all the way to the trunk. The marine wire has lots
    of strands compared to anything you'll get at an electrical store, and the
    insulation is both tough and flexible. Put an 80 amp fuse in there. That way
    you can put an inverter in for running the computer, etc. This is
    important..... Run both positive and negative all the way to the front of
    the car - even if you are just going to run the radio (probably #10, and a
    30 amp fuse if only running the radio) This will help prevent alternator
    whine, and other nasty noises when you transmit. You might be surprised how
    much voltage drop there is through a steel car body.

    Poke the roof. I've done it on many cars and traded them. I've usually put a
    cell stick on the NMO mount, and never had a question when trade time comes.
    The last one I removed the antenna from the mount, and epoxied a cover from
    an XM antenna over the mount. Again, no questions. Where to put the antenna
    with the curtain airbags????? Just disconnect the battery---- Wait 5
    Minutes-----, and remove the rear plastic pillar covers. Then pull the
    molding off the left and right sides of the rear part of the headliner after
    removing the maniac driver handles above the rear doors. You can then get
    your hand under the rear part of the headliner. You'll see the gas cylinders
    on the rear pillars. Don't mess with the cylinders, or the side curtain bags
    (they are rolled up), and you'll be fine. I poked the roof about a foot from
    the back of the car, and ran the coax down the left rear pillar (my radios
    are in the trunk - a 110 watt VHF and a 40 watt UHF ASTRO Spectra) If your
    radio is really in the front, and you have no sunroof, you might get off
    easier if you drop the dome light, and run the coax down the front pillar.
    The only issue with the airbags is to make sure that you don't block the
    airbag with the coax - it goes behind the airbag so it's not in the way if
    it deploys. If going down the front, just follow the wiring for the dome
    light. Use a real antenna drill bit, and vacuum the metal shards out. from
    on top of the headliner, as well as from the roof of the car.

    Bob, Nov 5, 2007
  4. jgeorge0407

    jgeorge0407 Guest

    Thanks very much for the information. THe only remaining issue for me
    is that I have yet to find any grommets or places to penetrate the
    firewall. The radio is an ICOM 2720, which is a dual band 2M/70cm
    unit with a separate control head. I am leaning towards poking the
    roof. The trunk lid NMO mount I was using is not going to work
    because of the contruction of the trunk lid on the sonata.

    jgeorge0407, Nov 5, 2007
  5. jgeorge0407

    Bob Guest

    Well, I can see there's no water near you - you're like dead center of the
    state, so no marine stores for you. Lowes has got an assortment of grommets
    in the "drawers". Maybe car stereo shops. As far as trunk lid antennas....
    If you can see the antenna, guess where much of your RF goes..... You should
    be able to poke the firewall in the area of the brake, or maybe where the
    HVAC goes through. Another possibility is on the right side where the HVAC
    fan is.

    Before drilling, disconnect the battery for five minutes. When you snake
    the floor, the seats come out easy..... four bolts, and the airbag
    connectors. Again, battery disconnected for five minutes before unplugging
    or reconnecting them. It would probably be best not to reconnect the battery
    while the seat is out to prevent setting an airbag fault. Read up on it at
    Bob, Nov 5, 2007
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