Vehicle monitoring.

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Tom Cooper, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper Guest

    Vehicle monitoring that is affordable and simple is offered at This unit mounts under the dash and is
    completely hidden from view.

    A recent study conducted by Forrester Research of Cambridge, Mass states
    that," Among new-car shoppers, 50% want vehicle monitoring."

    GM offers On Star on new cars and can only be acquired with the purchase of
    a new vehicle. If buy a vehicle from any other manufacturer, you have 2
    choices. Lo Tech or Millennium Plus from me. You can compare options and
    cost here

    We believe that vehicle monitoring is about protecting loved ones, and
    property. Not a sales gimmick. We are the only monitoring company that
    allows you access to your vehicle data over the Internet / phone, 24/7. We
    don't require a police report, for you to access the location, direction,
    and speed of your vehicle, (down to the street address on a street level
    map). This is great when you start to worry about someone being an hour late
    and the roads are bad. Just click and see where they are.

    We do allow you to activate a "geo-fence" that will call you if the car has
    been moved. Just turn it off before you drive away. And if the battery
    goes dead, you get a call for that too.

    This technology offers you the ability to relax a bit more when young
    drivers have the car. It records the fastest speed of the day, where they
    park the car too. Kind a makes them feel like Mom and Dad are in the car.

    Most states require Insurance companies to give customers a discount on
    rates for an anti theft device installed. Over time it pays for it self. If
    the vehicle is stolen you can tell the police where the car is, even if it
    is in motion. Get the car back, and hopefully catch the theft in the act.

    Simple to install, if you can install a car radio or alarm you can do this,
    or have a shop install it. This makes the device transferable to any
    vehicle you purchase in the future.

    Come see a demo, and enter to win a tracking unit and a year of service.

    Use this promotion code REPEATE to save 50.00 dollars, this offer is for a
    limited time.

    Tom Cooper

    PS It opens door locks too, and much more.
    Tom Cooper, Apr 26, 2005
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