Will not pass Smog test after new battery

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by John Pal, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. John Pal

    John Pal Guest

    I had just replaced my battery in a 2003 Elantra...everything went well
    until I brought it in for a Smog test inspection in Nevada. It did not pass
    stating that the following monitors were not ready
    Fuel System
    Oxygen sensor heater
    The technician said that the changing of the battery cause the computer to
    lose the info and had to be driven 50 -60 miles before testing again. I
    drove it 100 miles and it failed again with the same notice "not ready".
    I called the Hyundai dealer....he said you might have to drive it 500 miles
    for it to be ready.
    Is this true or a story? BTW, I had to pay for the 2 inspections.
    Thanks for any info.
    Merry Christmas
    John Pal, Dec 22, 2007
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  2. John Pal

    Partner Guest

    Its all true except maybe the mileage estimate. My belief is that its not
    actually the number of miles, but the number of drive cycles that turn these
    things on and off. I haven't seen in print how many it takes, but I have
    read where in some cases it may take as many as 40. A drive cycle is
    generally defined as from completely cold to completely hot with some
    various speeds (including hwy) in between. If its any consolation you are
    one of many to be caught in this dilemma.
    Partner, Dec 22, 2007
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  3. John Pal

    hyundaitech Guest

    Partner's pretty much correct. While it's not drive cycles, per se, there
    are individual criteria that need to be met for each test. Unfortunately,
    Hyundai doesn't publish which parts of the readiness cycle are necessary
    for each test.

    Here's my take on your specific case:

    Fuel system: This isn't generally a specific test. I suspect they're
    referring to the evaporative emissions leakage test. On older models,
    this test would only run when idling for 30 seconds or more. Your dealer
    can command this test to run.

    Oxygen sensor heater: This test usually runs fairly quickly after
    startup. Since you don't mention oxygen sensor performance, I suspect
    this is the test that actually hasn't run. In fact, the performance test
    cannot run until the heater test has run and passed. Often the car must
    be driven at constant highway speed (50 - 60 MPH) for several miles for
    this test to run.

    Catalyst: This test cannot run until the oxygen sensor test completes,
    since it depends on oxygen sensor data to determine catalyst condition.
    In fact, this is probably the most difficult test to cause to run on your
    car. This test will require several miles of steady speed highway driving
    after the oxygen sensor test has completed.

    You can purchase (not sure of price or whether it's worth it) a
    code-reader which will also report the status of the readiness tests.
    That way you'll know before you take the car in (and pay the fee) whether
    it'll pass.
    hyundaitech, Dec 22, 2007
  4. John Pal

    John Pal Guest

    Thanks for all the info....I plan to run it for a week or so and try it at
    the dealer this time :-(
    John Pal, Dec 23, 2007
  5. John Pal

    danestock Guest

    I am having a similar problem. I just moved to NY where they check
    the OBD for emissions testing. I registered my car, 2000 Sonata GLS,
    and had 10 days to get the inspection done. Two days before my
    appointment the MIL comes on right at start up . I drove home and had
    it read the next day. P0705, P1154, and P0153. Clear the codes and
    drive about 100 miles with no MIL before the inspection. At the
    inspection they tell me its not ready and to drive it some more.
    After another 200 miles and still not being ready, I started digging
    in. At idle in my garage for 1 hour and it never went into Closed
    Loop. I was using a generic reader and found online that there is a
    Hyundai specific code for not going closed loop, so I couldn't see
    that, but it didn't light the MIL. I noticed the B2S1 sensor didn't
    look like it was going high enough so I replaced that with a Bosch
    from NAPA. Now the car goes into closed loop right away but after
    another 200 miles it still won't run the O2 sensor test. The EVAP,
    Heated O2, misfire, fuel system, and comprehensive are all ready, the
    MIL is off and there are no generic codes showing. CAT of course
    hasn't run yet. Could there be a pending code stuck in there related
    to the Open Loop condition I was running in that didn't light the MIL
    but is preventing the O2 test from running? Both upstream O2 sensors
    now switch between 0.1 and 0.9V however, for whatever amount of time
    the scanner screenshot is, the Bosch will cycle 4 times and the other
    upstream sensor 7 times. Is this a problem that they aren't the
    same? I'm not sure how accurate the waveform is in the program but
    the rise and fall times look similar, the Bosch just stays high and
    low longer. I did have both sensors replaced and the reprogramming
    done back in 03.

    I'm assuming I may need to replace the transmission range sensor
    switch in the near future but didn't think it relates to the O2 sensor
    problem and the MIL hasn't come back on yet so I'm not worrying about
    it for now.
    danestock, Jan 4, 2008
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