Wiper motor replacement

Discussion in 'Hyundai i20' started by relm92, Aug 9, 2023.

  1. relm92


    Aug 9, 2023
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    I have been quoted £540 for parts and labour, to replace a corroded front wiper motor on my 2009 Hyandai i20. I am currently shopping around other garages to gather other quotes but wanted to see if there is any advice/has anyone had to get this fixed in a garage recently and what was the approximate cost.

    I did ask for the breakdown, and they said it would be half hour labour at £72 so the part itself is the bulk of the cost. I do understand that block time for labour is a thing and know that it will only take 15-20 minutes to replace but this seems quite a lot.

    The issue I've had recently is looking for the motor on sites like Halfords and Euro Car Parts. Can anyone share any other sites that can get these parts from? Any advice on reconditioned motors too?
    relm92, Aug 9, 2023
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