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Discussion in 'Hyundai Grandeur / Azera / XG' started by What, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. What

    What Guest

    Anybody ever replace an XG350 Radio with an aftermarket one? Don't care a
    hoot about a tape player but would like good AM coverage. (more than the
    3-4 miles I get out of the OEM one there now. )My question is , Can I use
    the existine Hyundai speakers with the built in amps in the rear speakers,
    wire around the amps, or will I need to replace the speakers?

    2002 XG350

    What, Oct 30, 2007
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  2. As a radio broadcast engineer, on of my greatest disappointments was
    the attention to detail in the Hyundai--despite all else that I
    liked/loved--in the area of electrical noise control. First, they
    handicap the radio by trying to press an FM antenna into AM service by
    mounting the head end (tuner) back near the antenna. But it doesn't
    have enough separation from the body to do well. And the electrical
    noise in the system compared to a GM is out of this world bad. I know
    they had to cut costs somewhere but with all the computers running
    around, you have a gigantic noise source in each computer that doesn't
    have noise suppression in the AM band. And the ignition system
    pollutes the entire wiring harness with noise that radiates throughout
    and near the vehicle. Take a portable AM radio and get near the car
    when the engine is running. Between the generator whine and the
    ignition noise, that's enough to defeat good AM reception. Add to
    that the clocks from all the computer modules and the noise spectrum
    is really astonishingly bad.

    But AM is almost dead. All we have now is religion, right wing nuts
    and a few sports stations. I'm too lazy to take on a car with this
    many deficiencies so I just put in SIRIUS (and XM) and enjoy the miles
    the way I used to do with Bill Mack on WBAP--or WSM and the Opry.

    The Hyundai XG300 I have has been a wonderful, comfortable car and the
    4B warranty has been well worth it. Now, of course, I'm starting to
    have problems here and there besides the AM radio. Light bulbs cost a
    fortune to have replaced, like 50 bux to replace a reading light cuz,
    engineer or no, I'm a mechanical klutz. And the can get the right
    side wheels vertical so my car ate a set of Goodyear Accutreds while
    they were repeatedly trying to align it. And they changed out my
    remote control and it doesn't open the trunk and my wife's remote quit
    working cuz somehow the car followed the key code instead of the key
    following the car code. But, everything has been handled under
    warranty and I always get a N/C replacement car while they're fixing
    it so as long as I have a dealer like Huffines in Plano, I'll probably
    buy another one cuz it's been more car than I expected to get.

    Even my ethnocentric brother bought a Santa Fe. (Of course, since
    he's in Houston (Katy), the miserable dealer he had sold him some
    dufus replacement for the 4B for $1800 bux that had a $100 deductable.
    Why would Hyundai even allow that is beyone me. But he got out of
    that and he'll go somewhere else and get himself a 4B at a reasonable
    price. And, hopefully find a dealer that's Honest.

    Cheers. Forget about AM; it ain't gonna happen. And have a Happy and
    Prosperous New Year. You too, HT.

    Fred, W8OY
    J. Fred Riley, Dec 26, 2007
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  3. What

    What Guest

    Fred, Tnx for the info but I think I'll go with a high end Sony or Kenwood.
    Just don't drive enough to justify the 15 bucks a month for Sirius or XM. I
    perceived the W8OY as being an amateur radio callsign. I am WC0E and was
    WB0IJZ since 1969 or so before that. I like listening to the right winged
    nut jobs on AM radio when I want to puke to lose weight. Also around here
    they have a lot of "For Sale" stuff on the AM band. The FM is populated by
    religious crazies at the lower end of the FM dial and rap and heavy metal
    on the upper end. I listen to a lot od CDs

    Happy new year to you too, es 73
    What, Jan 4, 2008
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