XM-Satellite Is Coming Soon To A High-Priced Luxury Car Not For You

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Robert Cohen, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Robert Cohen

    Robert Cohen Guest

    One thing about Hyundai: They ain't gonna make XM-satellite standard in
    the Elantra etal later this year.

    Thank goodness, because that would be spoiling the customers, plus the
    Delphic Parts Oracle frowns upon non-austerity, plus I'd rather listen
    to local radio commercials interrupted by inane chatter and occasional
    music, plus why give people the option, plus ...I'm kidding:

    STANDARD; and I presume one will have to pay that $13 a month
    subscription or whatever if one wants his satellite radio components
    Robert Cohen, Jan 6, 2006
  2. Robert Cohen

    nothermark Guest

    why pay for radio??????????
    nothermark, Jan 6, 2006
  3. I agree. Personally I'd like to see the concept fall flat on it's face.
    If nothing else, it would be nice to see Howard Stern out of a job. ;-)
    Brian Nystrom, Jan 6, 2006
  4. If you ever move to a small town (Think Mid West) where there may only be 2
    or 3 radio stations, paying 13 a month seems like a small price. Plus if
    you are a trucker that does not want to retune your radio every 2 or so
    hours this is a small price.

    Am I saying XM or Sirrus(Howard Sterns keeper) is good for everyone? Nope,
    I live in Baltimore/DC area and have at least 20 stations to choose from.
    But there are plenty who do want it. My Brother in law likes XM, he drives
    35 minutes to work each way and he likes the fact that for 35 minutes all he
    hears is music. I can't say the same, I drive 60 minutes to work and if I
    hear 35 minutes of music I have done well. Traditional radio makes money
    from commercials, this means less music more crap. XM is paid for
    Mostly(some have commercials) by subscriptions so commercials are not an

    I have had XM, and I did not prefer their formats but that's me. My brother
    in law loves it and has yet to use his FM or AM in his car.

    To each their own...
    Matthew Rebbert, Jan 6, 2006
  5. Please don't top-post. Message rearranged and trimmed for easier

    I asked this in this froup a while back, and someone said, "How are you
    going to get local traffic info and weather without a radio of some
    sort?" Now, you don't need pay services for local traffic and weather,
    but if you want traffic, weather, and music, it gets more complex. (I
    don't care too much about traffic and weather, because here in southern
    Michigan 1.5 hours from Detroit, traffic is not a problem, and blizzards
    are too wimpy for weather to be very relevant.)
    0. 1 reasonable CD-RW drive: $50
    1. Spindle of CD-Rs: $18
    2. Ripping+encoding music you already have: time
    3. Songs from iTunes or whatever: roughly $1/song
    4. Songs from your local friendly P2P network: time
    5. Burning mix CDs from songs obtained in steps 2-4: time

    ....so for a minimal investment + time, you don't need monthly
    subscription fees in order to listen to nothing but music you like.
    Heck, most consumer-level x86s and Macs have CD-RWs now, so the
    investment is even more minimal than I outlined above.
    The first (and last) time I used my car radio was during the huge
    blackout several years ago. CD-Rs, tapes, and iPod + cassette adapter
    mean it's all music, all the time in my car.
    In the early days of cable TV, commercials on cable TV were pretty
    infrequent "because subscribers pay fees, we don't need commercials."
    Things are different now. Look for more XM stations to add commercials,
    as they try to maximize revenue. If one of XM or Sirius goes belly-up,
    all stations on the surviving satellite radio provider will have
    commercials in a very short time. That's just the way it goes, I think.
    Dances With Crows, Jan 6, 2006
  6. Robert Cohen

    Pete & Cindy Guest

    all I hear is music too.. its called a CD player which all Hyundais come
    with and most play MP3's or WMA files. thats about 180 songs per CD.. have
    10 CDs in my Santa Fe.. thats approx 1800 songs.. no brainer there. WHO
    needs radio..;-)

    Pete & Cindy, Jan 6, 2006
  7. I'm pretty sure that most of the people on which you've imposed YOUR opinion
    of how to post on Usenet did not appreciate it. Looking at your posting
    history, you've provided more information on how to post according to your
    standards than useful information in your responses. Case in point here. A
    buck a tune or around $10-$13 a disk adds up to $13 (the monthly fee) pretty
    quickly. Unless of course, they heed your suggestion and pirate the music.
    There's good things, not so good things, and bad things about both - Sirius
    and XM. The issues are well known. You on the other hand just decided to pop
    up out of the woodwork and start issuing posting instructions to a regular
    poster in a newsgroup that you haven't contributed to in over a year.

    00000000 Some people post top.
    00000001 Some people post bottom.
    00000010 Some people delete (usually, like this guy does) the older
    00000011 Some people interleave - sometimes.
    00000100 Some people should just be told to 11110000. ; )
    A Hyundai Owner, Jan 7, 2006
  8. Robert Cohen

    Eric G. Guest

    Please don't make typographical errors. They are very annoying to read.
    Eric G., Jan 7, 2006
  9. Robert Cohen

    Raoul Guest

    I guess it comes down to what works for you. Freedom of choice and all
    that. My CD collection isn't that large and I really don't like
    deciding whether I want to download a particular song. With XM I'm
    continually hearing songs I haven't heard in years. I'm prepaid for
    next next couple of years, so my daily cost is about 30 cents. Well
    worth it for me.

    IMHO the XM traffic channel is almost useless. I live near Boston and
    it's clear that the traffic reporters don't understand how the
    highways they are reporting on are related. Opie & Anthony can be
    funny, but their schtick gets old quickly.
    Raoul, Jan 7, 2006
  10. Robert Cohen

    Robert Cohen Guest

    re: radio & other audio phenomena

    Y'all are too young for the Golden age of Radio.

    I am now ...uh..can't recall.. uh...61.

    A grandpa who had luved late 1940s and 1950s radio programs, which I
    can recite commercials and so forth.

    And I've been thru the talk, rock, folk-sing, hillbilly, jazz and
    classical formats: So, I'm not anti-music, except for rap, which is
    .....uh...semi-terrific political doggerel/bad poetry.

    I now hardly listen to radio, except NPR sometimes, but when they do
    the annoying pledge drives....buh-byuh.

    So, we listen-to audio book cassettes and c.d. book cassettes now.

    Too dumb to download 'em from internet chiseling/gray area sites, so
    just borrow 'em from public libraries.

    Mostly detective fiction, Grisham, John Sandford, James Patterson, and
    many other who-dunnits.

    So, when travelling now, it's no more singing along with 30 year old
    Eagles etal albums.

    Well, an ole Carly Simon we might listen to.

    And to heck with XM & Sirius: They'll please combine 'em if they want
    my subscription.

    Because I've had it with 8-track, Sony Betamax, and other such

    Sirius and/or XM won't survive: They should please merge, and perhaps
    sell Class B stock to their listeners/loyal "owners" if ya get my
    self-interest drift.

    People will simply not gladly pay that $13 a month--plus for
    components, and so we gotta be persuaded that sat radio is
    truly/inherently in our self-interests, which it is, including

    old radio programs, college stations, CSPAN, NPR, local & network tv
    news, Pacifica, comedy, HOWARD's awful shite, etal.

    But if ya really like the current local schlocky/garbagey radio, then
    save the $13 for gas, cholesterol burgers, house payments, lotto
    tickets et cetera.
    Robert Cohen, Jan 7, 2006
  11. Robert Cohen

    Dan Guest

    Amen to your definition of rap. I see the ONLY difference between rap
    and crap is the "c".
    Dan, Jan 7, 2006
  12. Robert Cohen

    Oleg Lego Guest

    The Dan entity posted thusly:
    I like the music OK, it's just the annoying guys talking over top of
    it that ruin it.
    Oleg Lego, Jan 8, 2006
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