Z1 performace module

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by news group, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. news group

    news group Guest

    anyone try this Z1 module adds up to 20 HP ??
    news group, Dec 2, 2003
  2. More info on this "Z1 module"? It sounds fishy to me because you didn't
    provide any information--is this an intake mod, an exhaust mod, a
    miscellaneous engine mod, a turbo kit? Where's a website that shows
    pictures of this "Z1 module" installed in a Hyundai automobile and
    includes before-and-after dyno graphs? The headers on your message say
    this was posted from near Chicago, Illinois--has a Hyundai group near
    there been talking about some parts with "Z1" in their model#s?

    You *can* get 20 more HP out of a V6 Tiburon without breaking the bank
    or your back. Cold-air intake kit+K&N filter+replace OEM exhaust back
    from the catalytic converter = ~25 more HP for ~$1000. Received
    wisdom from the Taurus SHO people says the best, cheapest way to get
    more power out of a car is to open up the intake and open up the
    exhaust. Anything else (forced induction, N2O, etc) gets expensive
    Dances With Crows, Dec 2, 2003
  3. news group

    Jason Guest

    All of that stuff on eBay is crap. It is a $0.29 resistor from Radio
    Shack in a box.

    The idea is that it tricks the computer into thinking that the air is
    cooler than it actually is. The computer responds by adding more
    fuel. On a car that runs lean by deafult (like most domestics from a
    decade ago) this will help and there will be a power increase. All
    Hyundai vehicles run pig-rich from the factory so it just makes an
    existing problem even worse. You will lose power and get worse gas
    Jason, Dec 2, 2003
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