Hyundai Genesis: Rear-wheel drive? What!?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Genesis' started by Thee Chicago Wolf, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Matt Whiting Guest

    That is only your opinion. Many people drive performance cars for
    recreation and enjoyment. Tell me all of the things you do for
    enjoyment, and unless you are the dullest person on earth, I'll bet I
    can make a good argument why you shouldn't do what you do.

    I can argue that there is no excuse for using gasoline at all. We've
    had bicycles for a long time and feet even longer than that. If we all
    walked and rode bicycles everywhere, we wouldn't need to burn gasoline
    at all. So why is your bar set at 25 MPG better than mine set a
    infinite MPG?

    Matt Whiting, Apr 21, 2007
  2. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Mike Marlow Guest

    Man, I hope not!
    Mike Marlow, Apr 22, 2007
  3. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Matt Whiting Guest

    You hope aren't the dullest person on earth? Or you hope that I can't
    make a good argument why you shouldn't have sex? :) There are
    actually many good arguments for the latter, at least as many as there
    are for not driving a vehicle that gets less than 25 MPG!

    Matt Whiting, Apr 22, 2007
  4. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Leonardo Guest

    Get a life, man

    Leonardo, Apr 22, 2007
  5. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Leonardo Guest

    The Brits tax vehicles based on the amount of CO2 emissions regardless
    of engine size or horsepower

    That seems fair.....the more garbage you generate, the more you pay

    Leonardo, Apr 22, 2007
  6. Nice try, ain't gonna fly.
    Brian Nystrom, Apr 22, 2007
  7. Show me an engine that will do that and I'll change my tune, but we both
    know that's never going to happen.
    Brian Nystrom, Apr 22, 2007
  8. I used to feel the same way, then I grew up. ;-)

    If people want to drive HP cars, fine, let them pay for the damage that
    their recreation does.
    Let's see, there's cycling, sea kayaking, X/C skiing for three. Please
    tell me how irresponsible they are compared to driving gas-hog vehicles.
    Ah yes, when one has no valid rebuttal to an argument, come up with some
    complete absurdity to try and make the original argumnet look invalid.
    Come on Matt, you can do better than that...or perhaps not.
    Brian Nystrom, Apr 22, 2007
  9. Wow, that is one of the most short sighted statements I've read in a long
    Yes, I have an 02 Sonata. I am unaware of any first generation
    anything that went over perfectly. Well, perhaps maybe the iPod. I
    don't think it's short sighted as the early Hyundai's did have their
    share of problems but again, the operative word is early. 1986 is a
    long time ago. Care to take the same argument over to Saturns line of
    cars. They were (are?) riddled with problems in the early generations
    but the quality seems to have improved in the past few years. I rarely
    see any pre-2000 Hyundai's on the road and I presume it's because of
    their poor quality from the early generations. The Chinese have just
    started seeing if their vehicles would have a market over here but I
    wonder about the quality control there as compared to our standards. I
    think they have some hurdles ahead of them and would have to re-tool
    or be subject to the US quality standards before people would buy
    them. I'm rambling a bit but remember Fiat in the 80s? Yeah, who else
    does. Guess what I see on the streets of Chicago every once in a while
    now? Those micro compact Fiats. Like Hyundai's early mid-80's cars,
    I'm sure in 20 years, they've straightened out the quality issues.
    Same probably goes for the Fiats I see now. Cheers.

    - Thee Chicago Wolf
    Thee Chicago Wolf, Apr 22, 2007
  10. Well, that's a scientifically impossible statement unless fuel octane
    were 100+ or cars were so light they took less energy to move. There
    is no way to escape the amount of waste generated by heat from a
    carbon based internal combustion engine without the assistance of 3rd
    party regenerative technology (currently in development). It's dumb to
    tax horsepower but it's also dumb to make cars with obscene amounts of
    horsepower. Especially in this day and age. The people who drive gas
    guzzlers have money to pay a lot for their inefficient vehicles so
    they will never care. They don't see the problem. As long as the auto
    makers can make huge money off of gas guzzlers and people buy them and
    waste more fuel driving them, we're all screwed.

    Realistically, taxing horsepower is not the best solution since that
    would heavily impact the construction biz with their trucks and
    construction equipment.

    - Thee Chicago Wolf
    Thee Chicago Wolf, Apr 22, 2007
  11. Sure because people like you keep threatening to tax it. Just like the 120
    mpg carburetors the oil companies are hiding.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Apr 22, 2007
  12. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Matt Whiting Guest

    That seems stupid. CO2 is very valuable for trees and other plant life.
    They should pay car owners for creating it!

    Matt Whiting, Apr 22, 2007
  13. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Matt Whiting Guest

    How do you get to the ocean for sea kayaking and the mountains for X/C
    skiing. If you ride your bike to both carrying your kayak or skies,
    then you win. If you drive anything that burns petroleum, then you are
    wasting valuable resources that I need to get to work.

    Ah yes, when you have no rebuttal, claim that the argument you can't
    rebut is absurd. Nice try, but no points. Please play again.

    Matt Whiting, Apr 22, 2007
  14. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Is this all you do for recreation? If I only list three, I'd list
    camping, cycling and hunting (in my backyard so I don't even have to
    drive to where I hunt). However, I have more than three and I suspect
    you do also, but just don't want to list those.

    Matt Whiting, Apr 22, 2007
  15. I'm not making any agrument, you made a satement that Chinese cars will fall
    apart. Sure Saturn had problem, but every car make "used" to. They all have
    improved greatly and I expect the Chinese will be a few steps ahead of
    Hyundai, Saturn, Kia, Subaru, etc, when they finally do arrive.

    Right, that is why they have many US engineers guiding them. As well as
    engineers from other car makers of the world. If you take a careful look,
    China is capable of producing very high quality manufactured parts. They
    are building parts for GE jet engines as an example. If you want cheap
    junk, just write the specifications and they will do it. Want high quaity
    machined parts? They can do that to in increasing numbers every day. Some
    months ago I read the China has delayed introducing cars to the US because
    they want to be sure it is going to be good quality.

    I'm rambling a bit but remember Fiat in the 80s? Yeah, who else
    I also remember the Fiat 128 of the 70's and the Fiat tooling that was sold
    to make the Yugo in the 80's. IIRC, they were something like $2800 new.

    I was hoping to have a Fiat as a rental when I was in Italy two weeks ago.
    They gave me a Smart ForFor instead. The Fiat is a good looking car these
    days and I suspect much more reliable than in the past. Even Peugeot has
    some good looking cars today, but I have no idea of reliability.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Apr 22, 2007
  16. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Double Tap Guest

    The Brits are your example of doing things correctly ?
    They couldn't win the second world war without our help. They have a medical
    system where you die before you can get a heart bypass. They have the most
    miserable teeth except possibly the French,
    and most importantly ( Drum Roll please ) CO2 is not garbage. There would
    not be any plant life without it.
    There is not one single bit of scientific EVIDENCE that CO2 harms the
    environment. If you have a problem with the generation of CO2 you might want
    to consider the option of not breathing any more, you do generate lots of
    CO2 when you exhale. Why are you polluting my nice clean breathable air?
    Double Tap, Apr 23, 2007
  17. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Leonardo Guest

    Thanks for enlightening me, especially about the teeth thing. The
    depth of your insight is most impressive.
    I'll do is look at their teeth.... if they are white and straight I'll
    know they are smart.

    Leonardo, Apr 23, 2007
  18. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Deck Guest

    You guys worrying about CO2 had better start worrying about bees. Einstein
    once said the world could not exist over 4 days without bees, now
    scientists are saying bees have disappeared on east coast by 70 percent
    and over 60 percent on west coast...see how many MPG you get without them,
    and yu're dead!!!
    Deck, Apr 23, 2007
  19. Thee Chicago Wolf

    Double Tap Guest

    As long as they are not engaging in modest sarcasm or satire because you are
    obviously not attuned to it.
    Double Tap, Apr 24, 2007
  20. Changing the subject are we? I never said that I don't drive to enjoy
    some of my other pursuits, I just do it in a car that gets well over 30
    mpg, rather than a gas-hog.
    Nice try Matt, doesn't work.
    Brian Nystrom, Apr 29, 2007
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